The NBPA will be accepting nominations for the 42nd Annual NBPA National Education and Training Conference convening in Los Angeles from August 10-17, 2014. The Awards will be presented at the NBPA Awards Banquet on August 16, 2014.

Please remit nominations by regular mail or electronic mail. Please deliver nominations electronically to nationaloffice@blackpolice.org or mail to the address below:
NBPA National Office
National Awards Committee
3100 Main Street, #256
Dallas, Texas 75226

Jean Clayton Humanitarian Award
Sister Jean Clayton was one of three females in attendance at the founding meeting of the NBPA in 1972. Jean is credited with leveling the playing field for other female detectives with their male counterparts. In 1972, Cleveland women police officers exclusively assigned to the Women’s Bureau and limited to cases involving child abuse, juvenile delinquency and rape. Jean challenged this policy by filing charges of sex discrimination with the EEO. She filed and won a class action lawsuit against the City of Cleveland. Sister Clayton was one of the first women in a predominately male police department. She experienced blatant discriminatory practices against women. Her tenacity and perseverance changed the face of police departments locally and nationally. Her victory created the status classification women as minorities, along with Blacks, Hispanics, and all other minorities. After retiring from the Cleveland Police Department, Jean continued her community involvement by working with juveniles and as chief investigator for the Cleveland Job Corps Center. In addition, to her second career, Jean worked for 22 years as a counselor with the National Football League’s Youth Development Camp. Her lifelong advocacy for children and women rights in law enforcement and her community resulted in her being enshrined in the Ohio Law Enforcement Hall of Fame as a pioneering benefactor; and the establishment of the NBPA Jean Clayton Humanitarian Award in 2000.

It is the intent of the NBPA to present this noted award to a citizen of National status; Congressman, Mayor, other nationally known politician, high level appointee, civil rights leader, journalist, educator, etc. It is the intent of the NBPA to present this award to a NBPA member or law enforcement personnel. The recipient must be selected based on his/her activities, making fundamental and lasting contributions to human rights and to the advancement of social, economic and political justice for all people.

Humanitarian- a person devoted to promoting the welfare of humanity, through the elimination of pain and suffering. (Philanthropist)

Criteria - The awardee must have a known record of accomplishments in service of humanity which reflects his dedication to the principles of the human dignity and the courage of his/her convictions to perform fully and succeed in the face of adversity. He/she must be the type of person, who in the opinion of the NBPA Board of Directors can serve as a model by showing high moral qualities or ideals, or greatness of character.

Achievement Award

It is the intent of the NBPA to present this award to a citizen of national status; congressman, lawyer, judge, mayor, medical researcher, educator, etc. However, this award may be awarded to a former police officer or NBPA member who enters another field and achieves recognition at his/her new field of endeavor.

Achievement - the act of achieving by performing and reaching a goal through professional skills, work, and courage.

Criteria - The awardee must be appointment or promotion to a prominent post, and/or other notable achievement. Emphasis on professional achievement.

Law Enforcement Award
This award is intended to be presented to a professional Law Enforcement person or one associated with the field of law enforcement in related capacity of national status.

Criteria - Law enforcement award is to recognize one who has contributed greatly to improving the professional itself, instituted successful crime prevention programs, provided leadership in closing difficult criminal cases of national concern and provide leadership in striking down the historical vestiges or discrimination within law enforcement, and legislative effort.

Renault Robinson Award
This award is presented to an NBPA member (requirement). The NBPA commemorates the significant achievements and public service of the “The Man Who Beat Clout City”; former Chicago Police Officer; founder of the Afro-American Patrolmen’s League; NBPA Founder and NBPA Information Officer. In a meager attempt to honor Brother Robinson the Board of Directors decided to create an annual award to be presented to one (1) of our members, who during the year served the Black Community as Brother Robinson has over the years. He fought injustices as he saw them, many time by himself and always consistent in his efforts. Over seemingly insurmountable obstacles he overcame adversity in a successful struggle against the Chicago Police Department that benefited all Black Officers within the city. As a result, Brother Robinson became a symbol of Black Officers' struggle nationwide, therefore, it is important to recognize such an important contribution by a brother/sister for his/her dedicated service to the NBPA, for his courageous efforts to provide equal rights and justice to all citizens and for being outspoken on equal employment opportunities for Black Police Officers nationwide.

Criteria – The officer must be currently financial with his/her local chapter that must be financial with the National and Region.
1. Chapter, Regional, and National Black Police Association involvement.
2. Offices held in NBPA.
3. Contributions to good order during meetings.
4. General support of goals and objectives of the NBPA, Region, and local Chapter.
5. Community involvement.
6. Community awards.
7. Community organization membership and offices held.
8. Appointments to boards and/or commissions.
9. Political involvement
10. Personal characteristics
11. Loyalty to the NBPA
12. Responsiveness
13. Outspoken on issues of injustice, and exhibit the courage to confront the system.
14. Exhibit leadership qualities

Willie Smoot Organizational Meritorious Award
In honor of the pioneering spirit of the founder of the Brothers in Blue of Paterson, New Jersey, the NBPA Board of Directors titled its Chapter of the Year Award in memory of Brother Willie Smoot. Brother Smoot’s personal and organizational dedication to the residents of the Paterson Housing Authority and the Greater Paterson community is renowned.
It is the intent of the NBPA to present an award to a chapter member organization that developed an outreach program that resulted in a positive impact upon the community served. Through the organization's efforts, it demonstrated dedication to the principles for which the NBPA was founded.

Criteria - The recipient organization must have initiated a project that directly benefited the community target areas and have documented evidence of its establishing and managing a community based initiative that impacted the quality of life in the community. The initiative should be a model that can be replicated nationally and be a model organization in the opinion of the NBPA Board of Directors. The Chapter Affiliate nominee must have documented evidence that through its organizational advocacy issues of workplace equity, abatement of police deviance, and such activities garnered the positive confidence in the institution of policing criminal justice system. The Chapter Affiliate must be financially current.


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