Our Purpose

The National Black Police Association was established:

To improve the relationship between Police Departments as institutions and the minority communities;

To evaluate the effect of the policies and programs within the Criminal Justice System upon the minority community;

To serve as a mechanism to recruit minority police officers on a national scale;

To work toward police reform in order to eliminate police corruption, police brutality and racial discrimination; and

To educate police officers to perform with professionalism and compassion.



COMMUNITY POLICING. The NBPA supports the philosophy of Community Policing that calls for a true, cooperative, partnership between the Community and the Police for safer communities.

CONTROL OF NARCOTICS. The NBPA believes the influx of hard narcotics into this country can only be controlled by a joint effort between the supplying country and the federal government.

CRIME PREVENTION. The NBPA supports the allocation of more national and local crime fighting resources toward the prevention of crime.

DEATH PENALTY. The NBPA protest the application of the Death Penalty in all instances. The NBPA feels the Death Penalty is un-American, unjust, and unconstitutional.

HANDGUN CONTROL. The NBPA supports national handgun legislation prohibiting further manufacturing of handguns, and limiting their sales, possession, and use.

POLICE BRUTALITY. Police brutality must be confronted, controlled, and outlawed by all police departments throughout the United States.

POLICE RESIDENCY. Police should be required and have their official residency in the city or municipality in which they are employed.

WOMEN IN POLICE WORK. The NBPA supports women as equal and equitable partners in the field of law enforcement, and believes them capable of performing equally as well as their male counterparts.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. The NBPA supports affirmative action to overcome historical institutional and societal barriers that denied criminal justice practitioners of color and women equal access and opportunity to be recruited, selected, trained, assigned, promoted, disciplined, and commended and to enjoy their chosen professions.

RACIAL PROFILING. The NBPA supports federal legislation that prohibits the egregious practice of racial profiling. The NBPA also support legislation that holds the governmental entity, its police department and offending officers liable for violating the civil rights of our citizenry. The NBPA also supports mandated and uniform data collection and analysis to research and abate adverse impact;educate the police and the public and to develop policy and procedures designed to correct and discipline deviance.

YOUTH MENTORING. The NBPA supports the replication of youth mentoring projects that have core values to empower our youth and shield them from embracing negative media imposed images, government inspired legislation and criminal justice policies and practices that criminalize and desensitizes them about the value of life - especially, life in the Black Community.

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