About Us

The NBPA is established in five regions throughout the United States and each of these regions operate out of their designated regional office. The regions are as follows: Northeast, Eastern, Southern, Midwest and Western. Each region elects a President and appoints an Information Officer. These elected and appointed officers represent all of the Police Associations in their respective regions.

The NBPA is governed by a Board of Directors. The formulation of policy and operations of the NBPA is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors. The National Officers are elected from members of the Board of Directors. The NBPA maintains and operates a National Office in Washington, D.C. The National Office formulates, coordinates and monitors nationally funded projects and programs. The National Office is the administrative arm of the National Board of Directors and is supervised by an Executive Director.

The NBPA hosts an Annual Education and Training Conference for its members and others interested in law enforcement. The conference is designed to provide workshops, discussion groups, and the dissemination of pertinent information to those who attend. The conference also provides an opportunity to network with fellow officers from across the country.